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Factory farming is the single biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet. Ending factory farming, and changing the way we produce food, has never been more urgent. Moving beyond factory farming will bring better lives to billions of farmed animals, save wildlife from extinction, and leave a planet worth having as a legacy for our children.

Your support is critical to ending factory farming. Your generosity enables us to campaign, raise awareness, and create meaningful partnerships with food businesses to bring about lasting, sustainable change.

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Join the Celebration with Our 'Banned Live Exports' T-shirt!


We're thrilled to announce the passing of the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill, thanks to your unwavering support! After over 50 years of campaigning, live exports for slaughter or fattening from Great Britain are finally banned. Commemorate this monumental victory with our exclusive 'Banned Live Exports' merchandise. Wear your support and be a part of this historic moment!